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Our Development Over The Years

Jan 2023 Hobi Otomotiv New Factory
Hobiex Otomotiv New Factory

New Factory 38.000 m2 land with 26.000 m2 closed manufacturing are, new factory investment for OEM markets as a part for going global vision.

Jan 2021 Hobiex Otomotiv
Hobiex Otomotiv Warehouse & Export

With respect to ''getting larger'' plan HOBIEX OTOMOTIV AS. Created with Logistics warehouse 3000 m2 in Silivri Istanbul.

Jan 2020 Hobi Oto Servis
Hobi Oto Servis moved

Hobi Oto Servis San. Tic. Ltd. Factory is Established, new range of Fuel & Hydrolic tanks located Silivri, ISTANBUL

Apr 2018 Hobi Egzoz
Brake Chambers project initiated
Brake chambers project initiated
Dec 2013 Istanbul Oto Ltd
New Warehouse in Turkey

ISTANBUL OTO LTD is created in IKITELLI ,ISTANBUL order to give service to Turkish Costumers.

Feb 2013 Hobi Otomoriv
OEM Production Start

August 2013 Hobi Otomotiv Ltd is created with new factory in order to produce Air tanks and Exhaust systems for OEM and After Markets.

Jan 2013 Hobi France SARL
Hobi France Warehouse in EU

Jan 2013 , HOBIFRANCE SARL establisted in order to give service to costumers in France and Benelux.

March 2012 Hobi Otomotiv
Third Factory

In 2012, the construction of Hobi Otomotiv company started and the firm's commercial firm was opened.

Feb 2009 Hobi Exhaust
Increasing capacity with new additional bulding

In 2009, the second factory building with three floors was commissioned. Thus, production capacities and diversity increased more in an area of 10,000 square meters.

Feb 2006 Hobi Exhaust First Company
The development of the first factory

In 2006, the deficiencies of the newly established factory building were quickly corrected and production capacities and diversity were increased.

Nov 2004 Hobi Exhaust New Factory Building
Hobi First Factory

Hobi Exhaust established its own 4.000 square meter factory building in 2004 with the knowledge and experience gained in its service center. Many machines and equipment were purchased for production in this factory.

Feb 1996 Establishment of Hobi Exhaust Company
Establishment of Hobi Exhaust

Hobi Exhaust started to serve as a service related to truck and bus exhaust systems in an area of 300 square meters at its location in İkitelli in 1996.

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