We use technology effectively.

Hobi, follows technological developments closely and takes the necessary actions to use appropriate technologies in the fastest way possible.

The following technological machines to improve production,

  • Laser sheet metal cutting
  • Laser tube cutting
  • Robotic Welding

The following software for production accuracy,

  • Solid Works
  • PDM
  • Ansys

The following platforms are used for customer and customer satisfaction.

  • TecDoc
  • B2B Portal
  • CRM



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How Can We Make

Quality Production

Introduction Quality Control

Each product supplied passes the approval of input quality control. We start product security with input quality control. We verify the safety of the material quality in the semi-finished product we supply, with the chemical analyzes, test processes and measurements we carry out..

Process Control

Each product goes through different manufacturing stages. We ensure that our products are compatible with the process quality control process. It passes the necessary dimensional checks, corrosion resistance, paint thickness controls and other performance tests.

Pressure and Sealing Tests

Ürünlerimize %100 basınç testi ve sızdırmazlık testi uyguluyoruz.

Welding Inspection

We ensure product safety by applying visual inspection, Macro Test, Penetration Test and Radiographic Inspection.

Control X-3D Precision Scan

We make precise measurements with a 3D measuring device in the laboratory environment.

Final Quality Control

Our products are shipped after the final quality control process and approval. After compliance with customer expectations and cleaning control, it is packaged and made ready for shipment.

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