About Us

Having been established as a local exhaust service station in 1996, Hobi Exhaust became professional in exhaust and emission systems for truck, bus, heavy construction equipment engines, generators and all kind of diesel engines in a short period of time, attracting attention in the Turkish automotive market with its quality products. The company went beyond being a mere local supplier with the investments made as from 2.000, and started exporting to the European and Middle Eastern markets. Hobi Exhaust has rapidly grown with correct investments made by correct analysis of the customer requirements and started serving at its new factory that has a covered area of 4.000 square meters in 2004. The company has become even more professional from that date on and accelerated its R&D investments. As a result of these investments, Hobi Exhaust enhanced its machinery line and product varieties, aiming to become one of the most important companies in its field not only in Turkey but also in the European region.

With 300 employees, 3 modern factories with a covered area of 21.000 square meters, domestic sales and service center with a covered area of 1.200 square meters, as well as abroad warehauses in France and Ukraine, Hobi Exhaust exports 90.000 units of exhaust parts to 55 countries each month.