Generator Exhaust systems

We are Generator Exhaust & Oxi Cat Systems manufacturer

Hobi Exhaust is the leading supplier of exhaust systems and all its components and specialized in power- generator industry applications. The company manufactures exhausts of any sizes and diameters, silencers, exhaust pipes, interlock type exhaust flexible, stainless steel flexible bellows, compensators, all shapes and diameters of exhaust clamps, vibration insulators, as well as air and water pipes for radiators.

Hobi has the capability of developing designs for complete exhaust systems using computer simulation software according to the engine data obtained from the assembler or gen-set producer.

Thus, Hobi prefers to customize the production according to the customer needs to find out the most effective solution for the best sound attenuation. With the technical capacity & team work, we offer any absorption, reflection or diffusion types which will match customer requirement.


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